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We have over 20 years of combined experience in media and marketing. We provide professional websites, photography, videography and motion graphics to small business across the US. Discover more by viewing our portoflio. Enough said for now, start scrolling.
Leading the Internet Evolution
We are never satisfied with the current trends and fads flying around the web. Effective marketing solutions have become an ever-evolving discipline. We are passionate about staying ahead of the curve and mapping out strategies for our clients that will keep them at the forefront of the internet's evolution.

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The FTS Creations team can take on and execute a multitude of different media projects, while keeping your vision in mind.

Web Development

As the cornerstone of FTS Creations, successful web development hinges on the knowledge and expertise of our developers. We are an experienced team that uses best practices and quality assurance to ensure all of our projects are kept at exceptional standards. The capabilities of our development team span a wide variety of today’s online technology including basic site design, eCommerce, cross-platform mobile applications, mobile-specific websites, Search Engine Optimization, web-ready multimedia content, database development and much more.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing is the fastest way to attract customers from a very specific target audience. For any small business it allows for a very efficient use of funds by providing ZERO wasted coverage (an ad is only charged for the clicks it receives). Successful online marketing creates a targeted message that can be delivered based on a variety of demographic information, so your message will be seen by exactly who you want to see it.

For larger marketing campaigns, online marketing is ideal as the first phase because of the amount of information that can be gathered about the audience. It serves a dual purpose by broadcasting a company’s message and fulfilling the role of market research with no additional cost for the latter. By determining who responded to what ad messages, a custom tailored phase II can be created for a variety of mediums including broadcast television, direct mail, electronic mail, outdoor billboard display, print and much more.


At the heart of the visual medium are photography and digital graphics. FTS Creations has built a solid foundation of these fields for more than 10 years, consistently delivering premier quality content for every client, every time. Setting FTS Creations apart from its competition is one key component: efficiency. We produce visually stunning material quickly and cost-effectively by taking advantage of today’s latest technologies.


The principles of video production at FTS Creations are the same as those instilled in our photography/graphics department. Those principles are premier quality, consistency, and efficiency. The quality stems from years of combined experience and knowledge of the field. Consistency has become second nature for a team that has worked together for the majority of those years. Efficiency grew out of projects’ demands with fewer resources available and the rapid development of better technologies in the video industry over the past 10 years.

Projects in the realm of video production have a wide variety of styles and sub-categories. FTS Creations focuses on three of those: event, short scripted, and creative. Each of these calls for its own production requirements.

Event Videography

“We’ve only got one shot at this!”

Through the years this has become the credo for FTS Creations’ Event Videography. The ability to plan for and thrive in this setting has instilled a level of confidence in the abilities of each team member.

Short Scripted

This facet of video production encompasses an array of project types including commercials for television, strategic viral videos, music videos, and video competition submissions. Our team is capable of planning and completing any of these from start to finish. FTS Creations can provide consultation to take an idea and turn it into a script; pre-production services such as location scouting, casting calls, catering/logistical arrangements; on-location or studio production; and a wide variety of post-production services ranging from voice-over recording to motion graphics. There is no shortage of nationally recognized talent on our team, including directors that have worked on big-budget Hollywood films such as Transformers 3.


For years, FTS Creations has engaged itself in projects that stimulate the team’s creativity. These projects allow us to flex our skills and push the envelope of what is possible on screen. Ultimately, the processes and skills gained from this creative exploration find their way into our other facets of event and short scripted video. Trying new methods and ideas to push the limits of video were originally the reason FTS Creations pursued professional video production, and continue to be the driving force of this department.


As essential as a company’s inner-workings, the message delivered to its customers and clients sets expectations and distinguishes the company from its competitors. FTS Creations’ copywriters are well versed in effective communication and exceptional in researching competitors marketing approach. This combination allows your company’s message to be distinguished and well-received by the target audience.



Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital Red Wagon Parade

FTS Creations received a great opportunity just before Thanksgiving of filming the Bikeability bunch at Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital’s Red Wagon Parade. A few weeks prior to the parade coordinator Lisa {last name} had an idea to have a few children with the customized bikes ride in it. Once word got out through the group the idea snowballed and by the time the parade started that group had grown to 53 and they were set to break a Guinness Book World Record!

We were very fortunate to meet the families, donors and organizers of this program and to hear their amazing stories. It was remarkable to spend the morning with such wonderful, kind people and to capture the excitement and positive atmosphere that the parade brought for all that were involved.

Expect to see our footage and interviews from the parade as promotional material for the Bikeability program in the coming weeks and months. Also, check back on the blog to see promos where it is being used.

When Time Is Money

Life happens fast and media must keep pace with it. In the past our clients have presented us with some extremely tight deadlines that were critical to the launch of a new product for example. “We didn’t know if [FTS Creations] would have the new website ready before we sent out the email blast in the morning but when we checked the site at 8 am it was live and flawless.”

We firmly believe that your success is our success. You can count on us to deliver on that success.

The Web Can Be A Foreign Language

No technology in history has evolved at a faster rate than the internet. Google has estimated the internet is approximately 5 million terabytes of data and growing constantly. To put that in perspective, the human brain can hold an estimated 1-10 terabytes of information. That means to store the internet it would require one million human brains, or more than 1 billion DVDs. At the root of all that data is a group of programming languages and architecture that drives the information to it’s recipients. Each language, each element, every syntax used today for the web is in an evolution that started more then 40 years ago. These have literally become the newest language, the digital language, and just like traveling to a foreign speaking land you can strike out on your own or seek a translator that can get you what you need and take you where you need to go.


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